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Managing your remote work-life balance while traveling


Brasov for Digital Nomads

One of my favourite parts of being a digital nomad and being able to wander the world while working remotely is meeting fellow travelers and swapping adventures and stories of beautiful cities, esoteric cultures and of course, bullet speed WiFi. Read More


rasta cafe

I’m at rasta cafe! [“Today is turning into a productive work day full of masala and curry #workwithaview Read More


Working in Đồng Hới

My quest to see as many of Vietnam’s corners, continues. After some of the most fulfilling experiences on this trip so far in the caves of Phong Nha, I was going to head north towards Hanoi through Nimh Binh before reading that Read More


Working in the Mui Ne Hills

You know when travel goes wrong but everything is all right? Like when Mitch Hedberg described an escalator as something “which cannot break, it simply becomes stairs”, travel cannot fail. You just end up somewhere else, doing something else, which is Read More


Hoppy Juice

Hoppy Juice is a small shop and it can get busy, although I’ve never had a problem getting a table. Nothing special about the environment, it’s simple and quiet. The best part about it is the food and drink combos, Read More


Thuc Coffee

Thuc Coffee gave me good impressions coming in due to its nice decor and seemingly low coffee prices. A few moments in though, I caught the smell of cigarette smoke inside. They then added a 20% service charge on my drink. Read More


Tous les Jours

As the name suggests, Tous les Jours is a French cafe and bakery. Overall a great place to work or just chill and read. I started with my kindle while enjoying a pastry and moved on to my laptop to Read More