Made my first plan

Today was a big step in planning my travel because I made my first plan! Gotta start somewhere. We decided to spend NYE in Koh Pha Ngan so we’re heading from Bangkok to Koh Samui the morning of Dec 28th and taking a ferry from there. We’re going to return to Bangkok from Phuket, January 8th. We don’t know how we’re getting from Ko Samui to Phuket but we’ll figure it out later, apparently there’s trains.

I had to book the flight for Camille because she couldn’t find the one Joe and I were looking at, and then Joe bought the second leg before the first and managed to choose the wrong month. Then we couldn’t decide when to actually return to Bangkok because neither of them wanted to spend much time there so we decided to wait on buying the second leg. So now Camille and I only have one leg, Joe has two but in order to make the second he’d have to really hurry up and get there now, and we have not determined how we’re getting from our first leg to our second.

I really hope I get better at this.

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  1. Naseer says:

    Whatttt? Have you not booked travel before? You guys are hilarious. I think you need GoPro footage.

  2. says:

    GoPro footage is coming up. Will load one up on my next motorbike ride

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