How much should I plan?

My travel planning has been a lot more day dreaming than anything else, but as the departure date draws near, it’s getting as involved as it’s going to get. I’ve done so little that I feel like most of it is going to revolve around me stepping off the plane and choosing my favorite direction. At this point, I have my ten days very loosely figured out and although my departure isn’t for another 6 weeks, I don’t feel like I want to plan out more than my first 2 weeks before I actually get there.

That being said, I have read a few know-before-you-go’s and have looked into getting my shots. From what I can see, for Thailand and South East Asia, they recommend:

  • Hepatitis A/B
  • Typhoid
  • Japanese Encephalitis

As I’m currently working and living in the USA, these aren’t cheap. Luckily, I’m flying through Vancouver over the holidays to see my family before I fly out and am planning on getting them there. Hopefully ten days will be enough to kick in and I don’t have to write a follow up of how I have every one of them devouring me.

I’ve also begun planning the flights and accommodations for the first ten days, while I will fortunately be spending with two of my closest friends. You can read about that planning disaster here:

Lastly, I began speaking to various contacts, including co-workers and partners, about freelancing while I’m out there. I think I do have enough saved up if I am really careful with money but that’s never been my forte. Also, a year of not working will really make you fall behind in the software sales world where innovation is faster than even the developers that make them can keep up. Botton line, I plan on working the equivalent of a part-time schedule while I’m out there and I made sure to get that ball rolling.



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