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Hi! I’m Liviu, a new traveler, excited to explore the world looking for adventure. I started late December 2015 and plan on going for a year. I quit my job before embarking on this trip and plan to continue consulting independently for its duration. I started The Wandering Cubicle to tell my story and lessons learned while traveling and working abroad.

Note: My career has involved a lot of business travel so I have some experience. In America. So it’s probably pretty irrelevant. I expect lots of culture and language shocks. So what I’m saying is I’m starting as a noob so expect to hear about some mistakes. You can laugh, just don’t repeat them 🙂

I started in Bangkok and am making my way through South East Asia. I won’t ever have more than a month ahead planned so a lot of this is going to be figured out as I go. Welcome to my Blog!

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