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Hoppy Juice

Hoppy Juice is a small shop and it can get busy, although I’ve never had a problem getting a table. Nothing special about the environment, it’s simple and quiet. The best part about it is the food and drink combos, Read More


Thuc Coffee

Thuc Coffee gave me good impressions coming in due to its nice decor and seemingly low coffee prices. A few moments in though, I caught the smell of cigarette smoke inside. They then added a 20% service charge on my drink. Read More


Tous les Jours

As the name suggests, Tous les Jours is a French cafe and bakery. Overall a great place to work or just chill and read. I started with my kindle while enjoying a pastry and moved on to my laptop to Read More


Learning the Traditions of the Mekong Delta

After a few work days in the heat of Ho Chi Minh City and a trip to the War Remnants museum, it was time to get back at nature. Signing up for a tour of the Mekong Delta was easily done Read More


Avocado Coffee – Best Wake up in Vietnam!

No you are not dreaming, your two favorite things really are together at last. Avocado Coffee, something I never even dreamed of, is keeping people up on a regular basis all over Ho Chi Minh! I first tried this delicacy Read More


Don’t Try to Fight the Travel Gods

Don’t try and fight the Travel Gods. They will win. Because they’re bigger than you, and smarter than you. Yesterday, while trying to make the trek from Koh Phangan to Hanoi was a perfect example of what they’re capable of. All the Read More