Avocado Coffee – Best Wake up in Vietnam!

No you are not dreaming, your two favorite things really are together at last. Avocado Coffee, something I never even dreamed of, is keeping people up on a regular basis all over Ho Chi Minh! I first tried this delicacy while working at a chill coffee shop called Cafe Hào, in Ho Chi Minh City. All I can say is thank you Vietnam for taking two amazing things and deciding that it doesn’t matter that they’re from completely different backgrounds or that they serve totally different purposes in the culinary world, they belong together. And together, they’re called Sinh to Bo. I have visited one other neighbouring country to date – Thailand – and never saw it there, although I hear it’s also popular in the Philippines.

Avocado Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City. Because Vietnam can!

Avocado Coffee. Because Vietnam can!

The avocado made the coffee very creamy and gave it a very subtle but distinct flavour. I had to keep myself from chugging it. While drinking it, I felt like there must be one other element in there which reminded me of egg whites but after looking up the recipe, it must have been condensed milk.

After a bit of questioning, it in fact seems as though avocado in savoury dishes is actually a very western custom. In Vietnam, it’s very often used in deserts, some as simple as pitting one and adding condensed milk or cream in the orifice. That is definitely something I need to try, along with any other deserts that involve it!

It makes me wonder what other dishes avocado should have been added to long ago and never was. Should we be adding avocado to everything? Can I add avocado to rice? Someone surely has added it to a pizza. Has anyone ever attempted adding chunks of it to pasta sauce? Would it be crazy to add it to my stir-fries, but at the very end so it doesn’t over cook? Should I be overcooking it? If I warm it up, will it melt like butter?

All thoughts I’m going to leave you with.

I found this recipe online if you want to try this at home:

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