Oldtown Phuket

Beautiful town. Wish we had spent more time here. Very interesting architecture, albeit with a little more hustle and bustle than the beach towns we’ve been enjoying. It had been a very long travel day but eventually, we arrived at our hostel, the 99 Oldtown Boutique Guesthouse. It was very comfortable and clean (they even made you take off your shoes before heading up the stairs to the rooms), and the staff was very friendly with decent English understanding.

We dropped our stuff off, freshened up, and met for dinner at Suay. It was a fantastic restaurant, definitely on the pricy side but well worth it. It had the feel of an American joint with traditional Thai food. It was significantly more comfortable and well decorated than most of the other places we’ve been eating at, which were often open air and hut like. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, those hole in the wall places are one of the things that makes Thailand cuisine so charming. The Thai food is what made the restaurant so fantastic, not the feel. The drinks were comparable to what you would find on a classy American menu, and they were top notch.

We tried to make it out after that dinner, but the heavy travel and huge meal put us all under. We went for a nap and never came back.

It at least made for an early morning the next day. The breakfast at the 99 Oldtown Boutique Guesthouse was the biggest let down of our stay there. I hate to criticize them for anything because other than that, they were so great to us! We started to plan out our next few days in Phuket. We were flying to Bangkok in two days and had originally planned to also check out the other relevant district of Phuket, Patong, the night before our flight. We realized that morning however, how bad of an idea that was. It’s a bit more of a party town than Oldtown and our flight to Bangkok was rather early and would be in jeopardy if we were to go out the night before, which would definitely happen in Patong. We therefore decided to head to Patong today, get the nightlife out of our systems tonight, and head back to Oldtown tomorrow for an early night before our flight to Bangkok. A few rented scooters later and we were on our way!

Oldtown Boutique Guesthouse was so accommodating that they not only agreed to move the second night of our reservation to the following day to meet our new travel schedule, but they also offered to hold our large bags so we could just take day bags to Patong and even called in some friends to bring us the scooters. We spent an hour at Anfield Cafe (guess which football club they support), a nearby coffeehouse/bar with great wifi, so we could all catch up on life, and headed out on the forty minute drive out to Patong!

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