Fruit shakes

I have to actively keep myself from guzzling these down all day. They taste so good, are so refreshing on those Thai hot days, and will rarely run you more than $1.50. They are easy to find along beaches, in most markets, and in charming little shops like this one, which sold us one minutes before the sunset at Promthemp Cape.


Fruit shake shop at Promthemp Cape

They are usually mixed with just water and ice, which I think is great because I don’t need other juices contaminating my delicious fruit, which is already so sweet and tasty here.

The fruits available are significantly more tropical than what you’d get back home. Most common ones are papaya, pineapple, banana and mango which are local for the area, but you can also find others like strawberries and apple. Although when those are your local options, you can keep your strawberries.

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